Diary  2022

Availability and bookings



                                    MAY 2022


          Tuesday 3rd May - Teaching Michele @ Chigboro


          Wednesday 4th May - booked all day


          Thursday 5th May - Teaching Michele @ Chigboro.


          Friday 6th May - Not available after 3pm


          Sunday 8th May - Available from 1130am


          Tuesday 10th May - teaching at Chigboro - Karl


          Tuesday 17th May - teaching at Chigboro - Miles


          Wednesday 18th May - teaching at Chigboro - Miles.


          Thursday 19th May - Grafham Water - No.5 Region Match


          Saturday 21st May  - VBS Joint patrol with police and EA


          Sunday 22nd May - teaching Chigboro - GAR


          Monday 23rd May - Dentist so not available.


          Tuesday 24th May  - Teaching at Chigboro - Tracey


          Wednesday 25th May - Booked all day


          Thursday 26th May - Available until 3,30pm


          Friday 27th May - Fishing for Heroes at Chigboro 


          Tuesday 31st May - Booked all day



                            JUNE 2022


      Wednesday 1st June - CSW luncheon 


       Monday 6th June - PSUK International Boat Championships - Lake of Menteith


       Tuesday 7th June - Lake of Menteith, Scotland 


       Wednesday 8th June - Lake of Menteith, Scotland


       Thursday 9th June - Lake of Menteith, Scotland


       Friday 10th June - Travelling Home.


       Wednesday 15th June - Dentist


       Friday 17th June - Chigboro teaching David.


       Sunday 19th June - To Wales -PSUK Home River Internationals - River Dee


       Monday 20th June - Practice Day


        Tuesday 21st June - Match Day


        Wednesday 22nd June - Match Day


        Thursday 23rd June - staying on in Wales 


        Friday 24th June - return home


        Saturday 25th June - Not Available


       Thursday 30th June - Eyebrook Reservoir - No.5 Region Match


                           JULY 2022

       Monday 4th July - Dentist


       Wednesday 13th July - To North Yorkshire


       Thursday 14th July - River Ure, English EPFFA River Open Championships Day 1


       Friday 15th July - River Ure, Masham, England River Open Championships Day 2


       Saturday 16th July - travel home


       Thursday 21st July - Grafham Water - No. 5 Region Match


                            AUGUST 2022


      Saturday 6th August - Not Available


      Wednesday 17th August - AM. Dentist - available after 12 noon


                          SEPTEMBER 2022


      Tuesday 6th September - To Lake Brennig, Wales


      Wednesday 7th September -PSUK Home Internationals. Lake Brenig, Wales


      Thursday 8th September - PSUK Home Internationals Lake Brennig, Wales


      Friday 9th September Travel.


      Thursday 22nd September - Grafham - No.5 Region Pairs Match 


                           OCTOBER 2022


      Thursday 13th October - Grafham - No.5 Region Eliminator/Qualifier for EPFFA                    Nationals in 2023


      Thursday 27th October - booked


                         NOVEMBER 2022


           3rd November - Grafham Water - No.5. Region Match.


                         DECEMBER 2022



                  JANUARY 2022

       Sunday 9th January  - Essex Fly Fishers Club - Great Leighs


       Monday 10th January - First Responder Volunteer duties


       Monday 17th January - First Responder Volunteer duties


       Friday 21st January - booked


       Sunday 23rd January - booked


       Monday 24th January - First Responder duties 


       Thursday 27th January - booked


       Friday 28th January - booked


       Saturday 29th January - booked


       Sunday 30th January - booked


       Monday 31st January - First Responder Volunteer duties  


                FEBRUARY 2022     


       Thursday 3rd February - booked


       Friday 4th February - booked


       Saturday 5th February - booked   


       Sunday 6th February - booked until 1pm


       Wednesday 9th February - booked 


       Thursday 10th February - booked - Ann


       Friday 11th February - booked


       Sunday 13th February - booked until 1pm


      Wednesday 16th February - booked


       Saturday 19th February - EA/Police & VBS Joint Patrol duties


       Sunday 20th February - booked until 1pm



 MARCH 2022


     Tuesday 1st March - booked.  


       Friday 4th March -  booked - Fishing for Heroes @ Chigboro


      Saturday 5th March - booked


       Sunday 6th March - booked after 2pm


       Friday 11th March - booked - James @ Chigboro


        Saturday 12th March - Voluntary Bailiff Service Joint Patrol with Police


       Sunday 13th March - booked at Chigboro - Kevin & Angela


        Monday 14th March - not available - dentist


       Tuesday 15th March - booked Chigboro with Karl


        Wednesday 16th March - booked Chigboro with Gary


        Thursday 17th March No.5 Region Match @ Grafham Water


        Friday  18th March - booked - Simon @ Chigboro. 


       Saturday 19th March - booked until 1pm


      Tuesday 22nd March - booked all day


      Wednesday 23rd March - Not available - doctor's appointment 

                                            Fished at Great Leighs alone for a change  


      Thursday 24th March - Car in for Service - not available.


      Friday  25TH March - Chigboro with Gary


      Saturday 26th March - booked all day 


      Sunday 27th Free until 1pm - Booked after 2pm. 


      Tuesday 29th March - booked with Bob at Great Leighs.   


     Wednesday 30th March -






                                      APRIL 2022  

       Friday1st April -  after 1,30 pm


          Saturday 2nd April - booked all day


          Sunday 3rd April - AVAILABLE  until 3pm


          Thursday 7th April - Rutland Water - No.5 Region Match


          Wednesday 13th April -AVAILABLE until 4pm


          Friday  15th April - booked - Fishing for Heroes @ Chigboro


          Sunday 17th April - booked all day


          Tuesday 19th April - booked with Bob at Great Leighs Essex Fly Fishers


          Wednesday 20th April - Diabetic Eye Test - not available.


          Thursday 21st April - AVAILABLE until 4pm


          Friday 22nd April - Chigboro - David S


          Sunday 24th April - AVAILABLE AFTER 12 noon


          Tuesday 26th April - EPFFA National Boat Championships - Practice Day


          Wednesday 27th April - EPFFA National Boat Championships - Rutland Water


          Thursday 28th April - EPFFA v England Fly Fishing Club - Rutland Water


          Friday 29th April - travel home from Rutland


          Saturday 30th April - VBS Joint Patrol with EA and Police


























Not usually available on Mondays due to First Responder duties  with East of England Ambulance Service. 

     All Fisheries have now opened and restrictions have been lifted for teaching fly fishing. With so many people taking up angling as an outdoor exercise it would be wise to book up in advance for a lesson or two.

      For anyone interested in taking up the gentle art of fly-fishing there are many U tube sites on the internet though sadly as a dinosaur I have no idea how to make such new fangled things but there are some very good ones on casting by Hywel Morgan and Simon Kidd from Snowbee Tackle being two of the best in my humble opinion.

      I would also recomend U Tubes by one of the other instructors at Chigboro - Tim Joyce.

      By all means contact me via e-mail for future dates or telephone for a chat about my passion for angling and why fly fishing is such a wonderful way to relax. It is recognized by the medical proffession to help with depression and some mental health issues as well as having benefits in recovery from a masectomy.

      I wish everyone well, keep safe and follow the advice from the the government and I hope to be able to teach many of you now that fishing is once more available to us.  

  Iain Fraser.             




EPFFA National River Champion 2013

2014 England EPFFA Team Internationals in Wales.

2015 EPFFA National River Champion 

2016 England EPFFA River Team member at PSUK Home Internationals N.Ireland.

2017 Winner of Essex EPSA Championship

2018 Winner EPSA Championship

2018 Winner of EPFFA Eastern Region Pairs

2019 Winner of Eastern Region EPFFA Pairs.

2019 Winner Eastern Region EPFFA Memorial Trophy

2020- All competitions cancelled due to Covid 19

2021 - All competitions cancelled due to covid 19

2022 - Captain for EPFFA England River Squad at Home Internationals in Wales.




Iain Fraser 
Area Co-ordinator for Essex Voluntary Bailiff Service - Angling Trust and Environment Agency. 


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