Diary 2020

Availability and bookings


Not available on Mondays due to First Responder duties and Home Safety Volunteer Duties with Essex Fire & Rescue.

7th January   -Improvers Day booked


11th January - Joint Patrol with EA Enforcement Officer


12th January - booked


13th & 14th January booked


15th January - evening fly tying for beginners


18th January - Fly Tying Lesson booked


19th January - Personal fishing day


19th January - Club AGM


22nd January - Beginners Fly FTying - evening


24th January - Personal fishing day


29th January - Evening Fly tying for beginners 


               FEBRUARY 2020


1st February - booked


4th February - Teaching at Chigboro


5th February - Fly Tying for Beginners evening


9th/10th February - booked


18th February - Teaching at Chigboro


26th February - Fly tying for beginners evening


                MARCH 2020


3rd March - teaching at Chigboro


4th March - Fly tying for beginners evening


11th March - Fly Tying for beginners evening


7th March - booked


26th March Regional EPFFA Match @ Grafham Water


               APRIL 2020


4th April - booked


9th April Regional EPFFA Match @ Rutland Water


22nd - 23rd April - EPFFA Open Boat Championships @ Rutland Water


24th April - EPFFA v EFFA (England Fly Fishing Assoc.) Match @ Rutland


14th May - EPFFA Regional Match @ Hanningfield


16th,17th,18th May - booked


4th June - Regional EPFFA Match @ Eyebrook


9th June - 12th June PSUK National Boat Championships @ Lake of Menteith, Scotland


22nd - 26th June PSUK Home International River Championships @ River Dee, North Wales


16th July - EPFFA Regional @ Grafham


11th - 14th August EPFFA River National Championships River Dee, North Wales


8th - 11th September PSUK International Loch Style Championships, Lyn Brenig, N. Wales.


17th September - EPFFA REgional @ Hanningfield


3rd October - booked


8th October - EPFFA PSUK National Qualifier @ Grafham


22nd October - EPFFA Pairs Match @ Grafham


7th November - booked


5th December - booked









       Diary 2019


10th December - Lesson at Chigboro  cancelled


4th December - Theory & Casting Tuition


27th November - Theory & Casting Lesson at Takeley


22nd November - Fishing for Heroes @ Thornwood Springs


21st November - Teaching at Chigboro


20th November - Teaching at Hanningfield - boat


19th November - Teaching at Chigboro


15th November - Teaching at Chigboro


12th November - Teaching at Chigboro


31st October- Operation & out of action until 11th November


27th October - Chigboro - England Heats


26th October - Bank Tuition @ Chigboro


20th October - Chigboro Open Day


17th October - EPFFA Regional pairs match at Grafham 


10th October - EPFFA Regional at Grafham or Hanningfield 


3rd October - EPSA Open at Chigboro


24th September - Masonic Fishing Charity day at Chigboro for disabled and disadvantaged children 


21st September - Hanningfield begginers day


19th September - EPFFA Regional at Hanningfield 


18th September - Chigboro, teaching 


2nd - 5th September - PSUK International at Rutland 


19th - 23rd August - River Dee, North Wales, EPFFA Open 


3nd August - Chigboro, teaching 


2nd August - Chigboro, teaching 


21st July - Chigboro, teaching


20th July - Chigboro, teaching


19th July - Fishing for Heroes at Thornwood Springs followed by 4hrs at Chigboro teaching


14th July - EPFFA Regional at Grafham 


13th July - Hanningfield begginers day


10th July - Personal fishing day, Hanningfield, loads


24th - 27th  June - River Tees, Co Durham, EPFFA International 


14th June - Hanningfield, teaching 


13th June - Eyebrook Reservoir EPFFA Regional match


4th June - Chigboro, teaching 


2nd June - Chigboro, teaching


27th - 31st May - River Swale North Yorkshire 


21st May - Masonic Fishing Charity for disable and disadvantaged children at Chigboro 


19th May - Chigboro, teaching 


17th May - Fishing For Heroes at Thornwood Springs


16th May - Regional EPFFA Match Hanningfield, Essex won


11th May - Chigboro, Teaching


7th May - Hanningfield, teaching 


30th April - Hanningfield, teaching 


27th April - Beginners day at Hanningfield 


26th April - England EPFFA vs England Fly Fishing Club at Rutland


25th April - EPFFA open championships, qualified for the England team


24th April - EPFFA practice at Rutland 


18th April - Chigboro, teaching 


16th April - Chigboro, teaching


11th April - Rutland Regional EPFFA match, bagged up 8 fish in 2 hours


10th April - Chigboro, teaching 


9th April - Chigboro, teaching 


2nd April - Chigboro, teaching


29th March - EPFFA vs Combined Services at Rutland 

26th March - Teaching at Chigboro


19th March - Teaching at Chigboro


14th March - Regional Competition at Grafham


12th March - Teaching at Chigboro


8th March - Fishing for Heroes at Thornewood Springs


16th Feb - Fishing at Chigboro with my wife, I had 15 catch and release and Ann had 11. plus we each took a further fish home. 


12th Feb - Fishing at Chigboro I had 1 kept and 11 released 


22nd Jan - Teaching at Chigboro


17th Jan - Teaching at Chigboro


15th Jan - Teaching at Chigboro


8th Jan - Teaching at Chigboro


2nd Jan - Teaching at Chigboro 



2018 Diary 

6th Nov - Teaching at Chigboro. 


24th Oct - EPSA Open at Chigboro. Winner!


23rd Oct - Teaching at Chigboro. 


18th Oct - EPPFA Regional Pairs at Grafham Water. Winner!


16th Oct - Teaching at Chigboro. 


15th Oct - Teaching at Chigboro. 


13th Oct - Taster Day at Chigboro.


9th Oct - Teaching at Chigboro. 


7th Oct - Teaching at Chigboro. 


4th Oct - Grafham Water, Regional EPPFA Competition. 


30th Sept - Teaching at Chigboro. 


29th Sept - Teaching at Chigboro.


28th Sept - Fishing For Heroes at Thornwood Springs at Epping. 


22nd Sept - Beginers Day Hanningfield Reservior.


16th Sept - River Tees County Durham, for week EPPFA Nationals. 50mph winds gusting to 70mph. Horrible! but still caught.


7th Sept - River Swale North Yorkshire, for a week, plenty of smaller trout and grayling.


31st Aug - River Dee North Wales, for a week, caught a 50"grayling. Fantastic!


Due to heat August was difficult fishing so took a break for the most part however 14th Aug - Teaching Chigboro. 


22nd July - Teaching at Chigboro.


21st July - Stanwich Northants, Angling Trust Area Co-ordinator training day Voluntary Bailiff Service. 


19th July - Grafham Water, EPFFA Regional Match.  


14th July - Hanningfield Reservior, Teaching. 


26th June - PSUK Home International River Championships, River Tees County Durham. 


14th June - Eyebrook Reservior, EPFFA Regional Match. 


9th June - Hanningfield Reservior, Teaching. 


5th June - PSUK Draycot Water, Home International Championships. 


26th May - Hanningfield Reservior, Teaching. 


22th May - Chigboro Trout Fisheries, Masonic Fishing Charity Day.


17th May - Grafham, EPFFA Regional Match.


15th May - Thornwood Springs, Teaching.


8th May - Thornwood Springs, Teaching.


4th May - Thornwood Springs, Fishing for Heroes.


28th April - Hanningfield Reservior, Teaching.


27th April - Chigboro Trout Fisheries, Teaching. 


24th April - Thornwood Springs, Teaching. 


19th April - Rutland Water EPFFA National Boat Championships, I qualified for the EPFFA England Team with 11 fish.


18th April - Rutland Water Practice Day for EPFFA National Boat Championships. 


17th April - Rutland Water EPFFA England Team vs EFFA England Team. 


12th April - Rutland Water EPFFA Regional Competition. 


5th April - Chigboro Trout Fisheries, teaching.


23rd March - EPFFA vs Combined Services at Rutland Water. 


29th March - EPFFA Regional Competition at Hanningfield Reservoir.




English Police River Champion 2015 

2017 Winner of Essex EPSA Championship

2018 Winner Essex EPSA Championship

2018 Winner of EPFFA Eastern Region Pairs

2019 Winner of Eastern Region EPFFA Pairs.

 2019 Winner Eastern Region EPFFA Memorial Trophy




Iain Fraser 
Area Co-ordinator for Essex Voluntary Bailiff Service - Angling Trust and Environment Agency. 


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