Diary 2021

Availability and bookings




                                OCTOBER 2021


     Saturday 2nd October - Booked


      Sunday 3rd October - Competition - Slough House


      Monday 4th October - First Responder Duties


      Wednesday 6th October - Chigboro- Croker Cup & Essex PSA


      Friday 8th - Sunday 10th October - Corby


      Monday 11th October - First Responder Duties


      Tuesday 12th October - Chigboro Fishing for Heroes - (Bob)


      Wednesday 13th October - Chigboro - Bob    


      Thursday 14th October - booked at Grafham- Pairs Competition


      Friday 15th October - Fishing for Heroes at Chigboro


      Saturday 16th October - CSW duties until noon - available after 1pm


      Sunday 17th October - teaching at Chigboro - Rob


      Tuesday 19th October  - teaching at Chigboro - Emma


      Sunday 24th October - Available until 3pm


      Wednesday 27th October - Available after 12 pm


      Thursday 28th October - booked all day


      Saturday 30th October - Booked at Chigboro with Ken & Ed   


      Sunday 31st October - Available after 1pm



                      NOVEMBER 2021


       Tuesday 2nd November - booked until 12.30


       Wednesday 3rd November - Fishing for Heroes - Liam @ Chigboro


       Thursday 4th November - Fishing for Heroes - Liam @ Chigboro


       Saturday 6th November - booked


      Thursday 11th November - booked at Grafham Regional Comp


      Friday 26th November - Fishing for Heroes at Chigboro


                        DECEMBER 2021


       Saturday 4th December - booked


      Monday 6th December booked until 12.30


      Saturday 11th December - booked



                         SEPTEMBER 2021    


     Wednesday 1st September - Free after 2pm


     Thursday 2nd September - free after 1pm


     Friday 3rd September - Fishing for Heroers - Thornwood Springs


     Saturday 4th September - CSW duty at 4pm (Free 10am - 3pm )


     Tuesday 7th September - Teaching at Chigboro - Kevin


     Sunday 19th September - To Rutland Reservoir


     Monday 20th September - Fishing at Rutland


     Tuesday 21st September - Fishing at Rutland


     Wednesday 22nd September - Returning home from Rutland                                 


     Thursday 23rd September - booked at Hanningfield - Competition


     Friday 24th September -  1/2 DayTeaching at Chigboro - Tony-Free after 2pm


     Saturday 25th September - VBS Joint Patrol


     Sunday 26th September - 11am CSW duties (Free after 12.30pm )


     Monday 27th September - Teaching at Chigboro - Brian & Craig


     Tuesday 28th September - Booked at CHigboro - Fishing for Herroes (Bob)


     Wednesday 29th September - Teaching at Chigboro - Bob


     Thursday 30th September - booked all day



                         AUGUST 2021


    Sunday 1st August - Volunteering duties


    Monday 2nd August - First Responder duties


    Wednesday 4th August - Volunteering duties


    Friday 6th August - Not available - birthday


    Saturday 7th August - Joint Patrol with EA & Police


    Sunday 8th August - Chigboro teaching Nick & Ivan


    Monday 9th August - not available - Dentist


    Friday 13th Augut - available after 12 noon


    Sunday 15th August - Volunteering duties until 1pm


    Monday 16th August - First Responder Duties


    Tuesday 17th August - First Responder Training 


    Thursday 19th August - Fishing at Grafham


    Saturday 21st August - Volunteering duties- available morning only


    Monday 23rd August - First Responder duties


    Wednesday 25th August  - Teaching at Chigboro - David & father


    Friday 27th August - Teaching - Chigboro - Andrew


    Saturday 28th August - First Aid Cover at 6.30pm - Free until 5pm


    Sunday 29th August - CSW duties at 3pm - Free until 2pm


    Monday 30th August - First Responder duties



                           JULY 2021


  Saturday 3rd July - VBS patrol - River Chelmer


  Sunday 4th July - VBS patrol - River Blackwater and C & B Canal


  Mondat 5th July - First Responder duties


  Tuesday 6th July - booked for River Ure, N. Yorks


  Wednesday 7th July -  .........   ,,   ..............


   Thursday 8th July ..................        ,,    ...............


   Friday 9th July     .................     ,,       ................ 


   Saturday 10th July .... Return journey from Yorkshire


   Tuesday 13th July - Dentist


   Wednesday 14th July Teaching at Hanningfield Reservoir


   Friday 16th July - Chigboro - Fishing for Heroes Charity gathering 


   Sunday 18th July - Available after 12 noon


   Monday 19th July - First Responder duties


   Wednesday 21st July - Available after 12 noon


   Thursday 22nd July - Teaching at Chigboro


   Saturday 24th July - booked 


   Monday 26th July - First Responder duties


   Tuesday 27th July - booked all day   


   Thursday 29th July - booked at Grafham Water Reservoir


                      JUNE 2021


Wednesday 2nd June - booked for Chigboro - Joe


Thursday 3rd June .......... Booked at Hanningfield


Sunday 6th June .....Booked AM only free after 1pm


Monday 7th June - First Responder Duty


Tuesday 8th June - booked at Chigboro with Gordon - Novice Day


Thursday 10th June - Chigboro - Improvers Day with Austen


Saturday 12th June - booked pm onle - available from 8am - 1pm


Sunday 13th June - Op Clampdown EA Joint Agency Patrol of Rivers


Monday 14th June - First Responder Duties


Tuesday 15th June - Chigboro - Mr & Mrs Pollard


Wednesday 16th June - Chigboro - Anthea


Thursday 17th June  only available until 1pm 


Saturday 19th June -  Joint Patrol with Environment Agency. All day


Sunday 20th June - booked from 5pm available 8am - 4pm


Tuesday 22nd June - not available before 2pm


Wednesday 23rd June - Not available


Thursday 24th June - booked at Eyebrook


Saturday 26th June - not available after 4pm


Sunday 27th June - not available until 2pm


Tuesday 29th June - booked at Hanningfield - Austen


Wednesday 30th June - not available until after 1pm



       MAY 2021


Sunday 2nd May - booked A.M. only


Tuesday 4th May - Chigboro with Austen


Wednesday 5th May - teaching @ Chigboro - David


Thursday 6th May - booked P.M. only


Saturday 8th May - Multi Agency Patrol AT/VBS/EA & police


Sunday 9th May - booked a.m. only


Wednesday 12th May - Chigboro - Austen


Friday 14th May 2021 - Fishing for Heroes at Thornwood Springs


Saturday 15th May - booked @ Chigboro - Jason & Sally


Sunday 16th May - booked a.m. only


Saturday 22nd May 2021 - booked out teaching Yorkshire


Sunday 23rd May 2021 - booked out .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....


Monday 24th May 2021 -booked out  .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....


|Tuesday 25th May 2021 - booked out  .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....


Wednesday 26th May 2021 - booked out .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....  


Thursday  27th May 2021 - booked out  .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    ..... 


Friday 28th May 2021 - booked out    .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....


Saturday 29th May 2021 - boked out   .....  ,,     ..........   ,,    .....


Monday 31st May - First Responder duties


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     Previous Bookings: 2021 -



MARCH 2021


Tuesday 2nd March  - Teaching at Chigboro - all day


Wednesday 3rd March - Teaching at Chigboro - all day session


Saturday 6th March - Joint Patrol with EA & Police


Monday 8th March - First Responder duties with EofE Ambulance


Thursday 11th March - booked out


Monday 15th March -    ,,  ............   ,,   


Friday 19th March  - booked for casting lessons


Monday 22nd March   Booked for CFR duties


Tuesday 23rd March - booked all day


Saturday 27th March - booked all day 


Monday 29th March - First Responder duties


Tuesday 30th March - booked all day.




APRIL 2021


Thursday 1st April - booked at Chigboro 


Monday 5th April - booked all day


Tuesday 6th April - Booked at Chigboro - all day


Wednesday 7th April - booked


Thursday 8th April - booked 


Saturday 10th April - booked at Chigboro


Sunday 11th April - Booked


Monday 12th April - First Responder duties


Thursday 15th April - booked ( AM )


Friday 16th April - booked ( PM )


Sunday 18th April - booked ( AM )


Monday 19th April - First Responder duty


Tuesday 20th April - booked all day


Wednesday 21st April - booked Chigboro - Austen 


Thursday 22nd April - booked at Chigboro. -  Anthea


Friday 23rd April - booked ( PM ) -


Sunday 25th April - booked at Chigboro - Alex


Monday 26th April - First Responder duties


Thursday 29th April - booked (AM )


Friday 30th April - Chigboro with Laurie



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     Previous Bookings: 2020 -





1st February - booked


4th February - Teaching at Chigboro


5th February - Fly Tying for Beginners evening


6th February - booked


9th/10th February - booked


12th February - Evening Fly Tying


18th February - Teaching at Chigboro


19th February - Evening Fly Tying


25th February - Meeting with EA Re Rivers


26th February - Not available (vehicle service)

                        Fly tying for beginners evening


29th February - Joint Patrol with EA and VBS


MARCH 2020


1st March -am Volunteering duties until 11.30am


3rd March - teaching at Chigboro


4th March - Fly tying for beginners evening


5th March - Volunteering duties


7th March - booked


8th March - 1/2 Day booking at Chigboro


11th March - Fly Tying for beginners evening


7th March - booked


8th March - Teaching at Chigboro ( 9am - 1pm)


11th March - Evening fly tying for beginners


15th March - booked


17th March - teaching at Chigboro Fly Fisheries


18th March - evening booked First Responder Training


19th March - Booked 


20th March - Chigboro Teaching


21st March - Voluntary Bailiff Service duties with EA


22nd March -Volunteering duties 1030 - 1130am free after 1230 pm


24th March Volunteering duties - free after 12.30pm


26th March Regional EPFFA Match @ Grafham Water


29th March - Teaching at Chigboro Fly Fisheries


31st March - Teaching at Chigboro Fly Fisheries



 APRIL 2020


The Corona Virus may prevent all events below.


2nd April - Chigboro Fly Fisheries - Teaching


4th April - booked


8th April - booked


9th April Regional EPFFA Match @ Rutland Water


11th April - Joint Patrol with Environment Agency & Police


22nd - 23rd April - EPFFA Open Boat Championships @ Rutland Water


24th April - EPFFA v EFFA (England Fly Fishing Assoc.) Match @ Rutland



 MAY 2020



19th May - Fishing at Chigboro


14th May - EPFFA Regional Match @ Hanningfield


16th,17th,18th May - booked


19thth May - Masonic Fishing Charity for disabled/Disadvantaged     children


24th May - booked all day




 JUNE 2020


5th June - Teaching at Chigboro


8th June - Casting Lessons at Woodham


9th June - teaching at Chigboro


15th June - Casting Lessons at Woodham


19th June - Teaching at Chigboro


23rd June - teaching at Chigboro


26th June - Teaching at Chigboro



    JULY 2020

7th July - Teaching at Chigboro 


13th July - Teaching casting at Chigboro


14th July- booked for Teaching at Chigboro


15th July - Coaching at Grafham


17th July - Booked for Teaching at Chigboro


21st July - Teaching at Chigboro


22nd July - Teaching at Chigboro


24th July -Instructing at Hanningfield Reservoir - excellent day with myself stopping after 8 fish and boat partner went on to catch his limit plus 3 catch & release. small red holgraphic diawl bachs most effective.


29th July - Instructing at Hanningfield Reservoir boat partner took 6 fish all on floating line and very small diawl bach flies on 16 and size 14.


31st July - Hanningfield Reservoir -a pleasure day for myself - limit bag of 8 with 3 fish + 4lb - mainly on diawl bachs with red or green ribs.



  AUGUST 2020 

 Due to the heat and excessive weed growth on the shallower lakes I will only take bookings for Hanningfield or Grafham Reservoirs this month 

I am still able to teach casting and theory subjects at Chigboro Trout Fisheries or on suitable grass locations.

Please be aware that Boat Fishing on the Reservoirs can significantly raise the cost of a day's tuition.


3rd August - Instructing at Hanningfield Reservoir - boat partner - 3 fish

                    I had 8 for a total of 22lbs with one at 5lbs 10oz.


4th August - Teaching at Hanningfield Reservoir - wind was 180 degrees different to yesterday - client lost 1 fish which snapped line - wind knot perhaps but saw no-one else with a fish. I did not fish.


8th - 15th August - River Swale/Ure/Wharfe in North Yorkshire -Guiding with Dries/wets and Czeck nymphs - a different discipline each day.

Things did not quite go to plan due to heat and low water which made Czeck nymphing impossible and a general lack of fly life except for very short lived bursts when dries could be successful so most activity was with small wets and North Country Spiders. They did account for a reasonable number of browns and grayling but nothing of remarkable size.


18th August - Booked for Boat Instruction at Hanningfield Reservoir - again the heat was not our friend and not a single fish was seen to move although one guy took a trout on a spinner in mid water.



                     SEPTEMBER 2020


1st September - booked for teaching afloat at Hanningfield Reservoir


3rd September - booked for EPSA


8th September - booked for Hanningfield


12th September - booked for teaching at Chigboro


15th September - teaching casting at Chigboro


17th September - EPFFA friendly Regional @ Rutland Water


19th September - Teaching at Chigboro


20th September - Teaching at Chigboro


22nd September - teaching at Hanningfield


26th September 2020 - Teaching at Chigboro


     OCTOBER 2020



3rd October - booked for morning only


7th October - teaching at Hanningfield


8th October - EPFFA friendly Regional @ Eyebrook


10th until 17th October inclusive - fishing in North Yorkshire


18th October - teaching at Chigboro


20th October - teaching at Chigboro


23rd October - Fishing for Heroes - Thornwood Springs, Epping


24th October - teaching at Chigboro ( Will )


26th October - Teaching at Chigboro ( Will )


28th October - teaching at Hanningfield Reservoir


29th October - EPFFA friendly Pairs Match @ Grafham


30th October - Teaching at Chigboro ( Will & wife ?? )


31st October - Great Leighs Fishing



          NOVEMBER 2020


2nd November - booked


5th November - booked


7th November - booked for Chigboro teaching


11th November - Chigboro teaching


24th November - booked





5th December - booked


10th December - Chigboro Novice Day


11th December - Chigboro - Improver Day


15th December - booked


16th December - Chigboro - Novice Day




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Not usually available on Mondays due to First Responder duties  with East of England Ambulance Service. 
 Although all my National and International competitions have been postponed until 2022  
The good news is that fly fishing and my teaching is  allowed again,

     All Fisheries have now opened and restrictions have been lifted for teaching fly fishing. With so many people taking up angling as an outdoor exercise it would be wise to book up in advance for a lesson or two.

      For anyone interested in taking up the gentle art of fly-fishing there are many U tube sites on the internet though sadly as a dinosaur I have no idea how to make such new fangled things but there are some very good ones on casting by Hywel Morgan and Simon Kidd from Snowbee Tackle being two of the best in my humble opinion.

      By all means contact me via e-mail for future dates or telephone for a chat about my passion for angling and why fly fishing is such a wonderful way to relax. 

      I wish everyone well, keep safe and follow the advice from the the government and I hope to be able to teach many of you now that fishing is once more available to us.


  Iain Fraser.             




EPFFA National River Champion 2013

2014 England EPFFA Team Internationals in Wales.

2015 EPFFA National River Champion 

2016 England EPFFA River Team member at PSUK Home Internationals N.Ireland.

2017 Winner of Essex EPSA Championship

2018 Winner EPSA Championship

2018 Winner of EPFFA Eastern Region Pairs

2019 Winner of Eastern Region EPFFA Pairs.

2019 Winner Eastern Region EPFFA Memorial Trophy

2020- All competitions cancelled due to Covid 19

2021 - All competitions cancelled due to covid 19




Iain Fraser 
Area Co-ordinator for Essex Voluntary Bailiff Service - Angling Trust and Environment Agency. 


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