Gift Certificates are available for any of the activity / sessions below. 


Call for more information. 

Complete Novice Beginner’s Taster Half Day

£100  pp excl day ticket - 4 Hours


The course covers rod and tackle assembly, fly lines, leaders and knots, watercraft, flies, Health & Safety and the basic overhead cast. A fast paced half day covering a lot of subjects with a chance of catching a trout at the end. This is just a taster if you are unsure if trout fishing is for you whereas the full day course will cover all of the above but in greater depth and give you longer on the water fishing. 


Children free (not incl. Day Ticket to fish.) with a paying adult plus discounted rates for groups to a max of 4). 

Complete Novice Beginner’s Full Day - Sugested

£150 pp excl day ticket.


The course covers rod and tackle assembly, fly lines, leaders and knots, watercraft, flies, Health & Safety the basic overhead cast plus single hauling. A fast paced day covering a lot of subjects plus fishing with a chance of catching a trout at the end. 

Discounted rates for two or more anglers.


(Children under 14 years old are free with a paying adult plus discounted rates for groups to a max of 4).

Improvers: 1 Day

£150 pp excl day ticket.


    To correct faults and improve casting, teaching the single and double haul casts, reverse casts, steeple casts, tackle selection, watercraft, specific styles i.e. buzzer, nymph, lure, dry fly etc. tailored to your wishes. Fly–selection, balancing the tackle to you and the style.


      This is a recommended one on one course, however you may request an extra person at 20% discount bring the cost down to £240 for two persons excluding Day Ticket costs.

Improvers: 2 Day Course



£125 pp per day excl day ticket. Total - £250


£100 pp per day for 2 persons excl day ticket. - Total £400


This course includes all aspects of the 'Day 1 Improvers course' as well as insect life & fly patterns, water-craft, lines, knots and leaders, retrieves striking, playing, landing, C&R or despatching fish and includes two half days of guided fishing.



 Improvers Half Day Course

 A four hour course looking at casting techniques and developing

the basic overhand cast to single and double hauling. Fishing into the wind and with a right hand wind. Setting up a long leader and droppers. Dry flies and techniques using imitative patterns.


Guided Days (one to one only) Small Stillwater’s

£150 pp excl day ticket, plus travel expenses over 20miles.


Concentrating on improving technique, watercraft and presentation or any aspect required.


 (At a location of your choice convenient within 2 hours travelling)

Guided Boat Sessions (one on one only)

£150 pp excl boat hire and D/T charges as applicable, plus travel expenses over 25miles.


At any convenient water or reservoirs within SE and E. Midlands and includes boat handling, loch style drogue drifting and anchor fishing and if requested back drifting;  fly patterns and methods for boat fishing, reading the water, safety, embark/disembarking and boat etiquette; how to set the drogue and anchor.

Guided River Fishing for Trout and Grayling

Price on enquiry


This would be out of county 2-3 day or more fishing break in the North of England or Wales. Staying at a trusted B&B. 


Own waders are required but  all tackle is supplied if requested

Max groups of 2. 

Full itinerary and prices on request. 

Casting Lessons

Covering Overhead, plus Single Haul, Double haul and Steeple Casts as requested @ £25 per hour min 2 hours pp. Discounted rates for groups’ n/e 4 persons. Tackle supplied if required.

Fly Tying Lessons

Covering the most popular patterns @ £25 per hour, min 2 hours with discounted rates for groups. All materials supplied.


General Information

All equipment is supplied for both fishing and fly tying unless you prefer to use your own. There is also the opportunity of purchasing outfits at discounted prices. You will need a hat, glasses/eye protection, suitable clothing for the weather and suitable footwear when fishing.



*All prices are excluding Day Tickets unless stated (apprx £15 - £35)

 Children under 14 years old are free with a paying adult.






Not usually available on Mondays due to First Responder duties  with East of England Ambulance Service. 
 Although all my National and International competitions have been postponed until 2022  
The good news is that fly fishing and my teaching is  allowed again,

     All Fisheries have now opened and restrictions have been lifted for teaching fly fishing. With so many people taking up angling as an outdoor exercise it would be wise to book up in advance for a lesson or two.

      For anyone interested in taking up the gentle art of fly-fishing there are many U tube sites on the internet though sadly as a dinosaur I have no idea how to make such new fangled things but there are some very good ones on casting by Hywel Morgan and Simon Kidd from Snowbee Tackle being two of the best in my humble opinion.

      By all means contact me via e-mail for future dates or telephone for a chat about my passion for angling and why fly fishing is such a wonderful way to relax. 

      I wish everyone well, keep safe and follow the advice from the the government and I hope to be able to teach many of you now that fishing is once more available to us.


  Iain Fraser.             




EPFFA National River Champion 2013

2014 England EPFFA Team Internationals in Wales.

2015 EPFFA National River Champion 

2016 England EPFFA River Team member at PSUK Home Internationals N.Ireland.

2017 Winner of Essex EPSA Championship

2018 Winner EPSA Championship

2018 Winner of EPFFA Eastern Region Pairs

2019 Winner of Eastern Region EPFFA Pairs.

2019 Winner Eastern Region EPFFA Memorial Trophy

2020- All competitions cancelled due to Covid 19

2021 - All competitions cancelled due to covid 19




Iain Fraser 
Area Co-ordinator for Essex Voluntary Bailiff Service - Angling Trust and Environment Agency.

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